About Judy


Photography is my passion. I knew that from the age of 5 when I made a pin hole camera and developed my photos in a dark room. All thanks to a school teacher who shared his passion for this art with his students!
My privilege is not only loving my work, but to be part of a couples journey as they become one. I am a huge romantic and love to work with couples who trust me to make their visual inheritance unique and beautiful. I love environmental portraiture and cinematography, and want to give you photographs that transport, leaving you dreaming of that day when you said "I Do".

I am an avid traveler who loves exploring the diversities of cultures, cities and people. 

My biggest accomplishment is my family. My husband(my rock) and I have 3 gorgeous boys who inspire me every day to become a better wife, mother and person!  I love God and value relationships, meeting people and knowing their story!  

I am a New Zealander(kiwi) & grew up with the majestic mountains of the Southern Alps to gaze upon every day.  My accent is usually of interest with many people mistaking it for either British or Australian.  I lived in Australia for 7years as an adult, so can speak with an Aussie twang and cook a shrimp on the barbie!  Ed and I married in Australia and we lived in Japan for 4yrs where my two youngest children were born! I taught english while in Japan for a private company on the condition that I would speak with an American accent! 


About Ed


I add the Nunez to "Judy Nunez Photography"!!

Initially a self taught photographer, I later attended the Art's institute in Charleston where I pursued my degree in fine arts photography. I'm a veteran of 20 plus years in the Air Force which I believe was the catalyst for my love of photography. My military travels took me to over 60% of the world and what better way to preserve those adventures more, than with a photograph. So I understand the value of capturing a timeless moment.  I still look at those pictures fondly.  It was also on those travels that I met my beautiful wife and as they say, "the rest is history".  Our family has grown to include 3 wonderful boys and a cat that I'm allergic to but seems to love me, probably because I feed him (who can tell with cats).

I love God,  nature,  pasta and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with raisins . I'm a perfectionist and very passionate about the things I do. Traits that served me well in my military career,  I now bring to our photographic pursuits.

I look forward to meeting you and possibly adding you to our family and if you ask, I'll share the name of my favorite place I've visited!!